Welcome to the Mabinogi guild Clovis!
We are on Mari server, and we are always welcoming new members!

Our guild stone is located in N. Dunbarton, on the road towards Dugald Aisle.
There are no requirements for application!

Guild Leader: Amirior
Guild Officer: Purah

This page will host some of the shenanigans and achievements the guild accomplishes!
There will also be events hosted through this page, so stay tuned!


Congrats to our lovely Mia who just got GM Bard!!
(pardon my bad image combining.. I wasn’t there when she got GM!)


Easter Edition~~ everyone had to hide and chickies and buns around Emain and it was really challenging and fun!! Not many screenshots to be had while we were seeking, but DANG we had some solid hiders.

First round winner was angelpurah!!
Second round winner was nysun!!

Huge thanks to my guild for participating and tag, look forward to an open Hide and Seek event! >:D

i definitely came across Jen and Kimbra and hid in their skirts because i panicked. - (Amir)

Clovis Chickie-Doo Hide and Seek!

Right now these are the Rules for my Guild-only Hide and Seek event!
We will be hosting an open Hide and Seek game for any player later in April!

GUILD ONLY: March 29th, 11pm EST (after the banquet) in Emain, CH5!
OPEN INVITE: April 12th, 8PM EST


- IF YOU ARE PLAYING, YOU MUST KEEP NAMES AND PARTIES OFF!! To do this, hit Ctrl N and Ctrl P and holding down ALT is forbidden. This is mandatory.
- Guildmates are the hidden! Amirior is the only seeker in the beginning!
- As people are found, they take up seeking as well! This continues until there is only one member still hidden, and they win!
- When you’re found, you must announce in Guild Chat! Or let Amirior know, since I will have the master list of people playing.
- When you are hiding, you must be using transform and stay hidden as a chick or a bunny until you’re found! If you’re unable to, please let me (Amirior) know in advance! (Please do not use any other transformations)

How it works:

- Everyone will meet at the Emain Macha island Moon Gate! (check the map below). Amirior will enter her homestead and for exactly 5 minutes, allow everyone to hide. Names and Parties are going to be off. Start will be announced in Guild Chat and hopefully your hiding spot will be good! You can hide anywhere on the Emain Macha map.


We’ll be playing a few rounds so hopefully everyone can play at least once!!

Happy clover day St. Patrick’s Day from everyone in Clovis!

Happy clover day St. Patrick’s Day from everyone in Clovis!


Congrats Boyfran! We knew you could do it!
knight-aidal, we’re proud of you!


Congrats Boyfran! We knew you could do it!

knight-aidal, we’re proud of you!

I kept crashing so my screenshots didn’t work but- 

I kept crashing so my screenshots didn’t work but-


Some lovely screenshots from: CLOVIS PLAYS… MAFIA!

It took a little to fine tune everything happening, but it actually went REALLY smoothly and people enjoyed it! I wrote up a whole rulesheet, so if you want to play it with your guild or with your friends let me know how it goes!

Thanks to everyone who could make it, and look forward to our next game!

Also I definitely killed everyone.

Clovis Plays: Mafia!

(( This is the ruleset I’m writing for my guild when we play this tonight, so it’s not going in the Mabinogi tag since it’s… otherwise not really related.

But if you like this idea, feel free to play this with your friends or guild!!))

Players needed: At least 10. Usually more fun with more players!!

Types of players:
There are 5 types of players, and at the beginning of each round, everyone playing will be assigned a role. Some roles have abilities, some do not. The roles are as follows:
Narrator: The storyteller, is the one that begins and ends each day.
Mafia: Usually played by two members. Every day they have to unanimously pick one civilian to die.
Cop: One player. Every day they are able to ask the Narrator in private if someone is or is not in the Mafia. The Narrator must respond truthfully.
Civilians: Everyone else that plays.

How to play:
At the beginning of the game, the Narrator selects two players to be Mafia members. The identity of the Mafia members is only known by the Mafia and the Narrator. Then the Narrator chooses one Cop and does not reveal the Cop’s identity as well. They remain in these roles until the game ends.

It is night time. Mafia members secretly discuss who they want to kill, and must come to an unanimous decision and tell the Narrator privately who they choose. The Cop then asks the narrator, privately, if one person they select is in the Mafia or not. The Narrator must answer truthfully. Night ends.

Day begins with the announcement of murder! Oh dear! The person who dies is out of the rest of this round and cannot participate. If you are a COP, you are still out and there is no more Cop to try and assist finding the Mafia!

It’s now everyone’s turn to try and figure out who the Mafia are. Everyone actively participates, with the Mafia trying to steer away blame and the Cop trying to remain hidden (so that the Mafia don’t choose you next round…). Everyone decides by majority, one person to chase out of town. This person may be the Mafia, Cop, or civilian.. and they are out the rest of the game as well. Once the decision is reached, the Narrator will announce the role of the individual. If it’s the Mafia, cool!! If it’s anyone else.. that could spell trouble.

This continues until both Mafia members have been chased out of town, or only the Mafia members remain!

Mari guilds Clovis, Nicaea, Underground, and FabulousMax all pulled together and did a Scathatch Beach’s Restoration raid!

The “Restoration of Christmas” raid was a bloodbath party to kick off the Winter Break and holiday season! And of course to get everyone together before people start heading off for family get togethers.

Thank you everyone for coming!
And thank you SOOO MUCH Asutaaru for this awesome idea!! <3

(i’ll be posting cool action shots once i sort through screenshots!)